Service dispatching optimization app

Project Details

  • Deploy status : Live on Heroku
  • Demo : YouTube video
  • What We Did : Web app development
  • Tech stack : React Rails API
  • Completed : June 2020
  • Skills : MapBox, Material UI

Dispatch App

Graphical user inteface built on MapBox maps API designed to optimize service dispatcher assignment task and workflow management. This app was built to assist an actual nurse dispatcher assign patients to home healthcare hospice nurses through a large metro area. The dispatcher received appoinment/patient data and overlaid these locations on map with nurse locations to optimally assign nurses to patients.

Althought built for a nursing application, dispatch could be easily customized for many types of location specific service professionals such as repair workers, delivery professionals, house cleaning, etc).


React Javascript front end with client-side routing for speed and enhanced UX
MapBox API interactive user maps
Material UI React components
In-app messaging
Ruby on Rails API backend
PostgreSQL database


Import API patient/assignment data from:

  • Client database
  • CSV file
    Implement React Redux state management